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Loving you is like b;eathing. How can I slop?

jazz.. :'3 these past few months have possibly been the best of my entire life. i am so so very grateful we met.. im so so grateful i left that comment on your deviation and that i joined your server..

you are the best, most understanding, kindest, smartest, sweetest girlfriend i couldve ever had. i appreciate your taste in art, i think you have an extremely keen eye for it. i could hear you ramble about just about whatever for hours and hours and not get tired.. you're a very insightful and interesting creature.

your jokes never fail to make me laugh.. youre so silly and goofy!!! not only that, but you are extremely talented and creative.. your art and ideas never fail to amaze me. youre truly something special

you are so incredibly important to me.. my best friend, my mate, my confidant.. even when we're at our worsts.. we're always there for eachother.

i think this is going to go a long way. at the very least.. i am here to stay. i promise to be with you thru thick and thin. you're the best thing that's ever happened to me..

the scene to my emo, the bubbly mellow scientist to my bitey bastard security guard, the sparkledog to my gloomdog, the sun to my moon..

here's to many more months, years together, my love..