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about me and the site!

this is my webpage on the web of webs...
i go by many names, but you can call me reggie, lowres, benny or gladys!!
im 15 (30.4.05) and i'm a nonbinary he/him lesbian ^_^
why have a neocities site? well... every single social media nowadays sucks... like really bad. i made my first site in december 2019 because of things like large amounts of people leaving tumblr, and later deviantart eclipse as well. its just nice to have a place where you can go wild and make everything look just how you want to the best of your ability. its been fun to make! on this site i plan to have whatever i find fit.. just a lot of little bits and bobs!! i speak both portuguese and english (and spanish, to a degree).

im autistic+adhd and my current interests are valve games (portal, tf2 and half life), hlvr:ai, and sum other stuff.. im a "gamer", as the kids say ... oh i also really love early 2000s nostalgia and sparkledogs .. its one of my biggest special interests (i AM a little annoying when talking about it .. something something specific experience no one else shares with me but wife something something mental illness)

you can find me on other inter-websites as sparklesnarker on twitter (art account sparklesnart) and plungophone on tumblr!! my youtube is somewhere.. maybe i'll share it once i post something that isnt just a silly gmod video obligatory before you follow

i hear you booing at me. its 2020. having boundaries is healthy

dont follow me if youre a nsfw account or under 14. seeing people 13 and under on the internet is distressing for me. this place is not nice. please be safe

dont follow me if you like danganronpa, hazbin hotel, south park or homestuck. find better interests lol

dont follow me if youre an anti-anti/pro-shipper, babyfur, map, zoo or quad/feral porn artist or supporter. rot while youre at it why dont you

dont follow me if you dehumanize content creators (disrespecting the hlvrai cast's wishes to keep fandom content sfw, complaining about jerma/other streamers changing things up for their health, putting artists on a pedestal, etc.)

dont follow me if you follow rico @/lpsonline/bubsytwofur/petpetpetpark / their alias gynx/evenghost/pipe dream soundsystems (or wherever else they're at) or are part of/listen to astrohamster records. dont ask me about this i dont want to talk about it

dont follow me if youre a pan/ace exclusionist, think bigotry is "discourse", think TMEs can use the term f*mboy or talk over intersex people ("intersex people arent lgbt", etc. what one intersex person says does not define all our experiences, and it is not your place to speak on them.)

dont whine to me about this im trying to make my internet experience bearable. if you think any of this is annoying or wrong save both of us the effort and just move on

last edited 8.7.2020